Sunday, June 25, 2006

Busy day.

Make up doesn’t kill your skin, it’s hardly lead based like in the 1700’s. Tests have shown that people who wear make-up normally have better skin because it’s better protected from the elements. So there, and I’m a make-up artist I should know. At least I should know. But seriously Stel, you, having an edgy look? I never would have guessed. Just don’t go all anti make-up on me, it’s not those poor girls faults that they had to apply it to themselves for a change. Hey, maybe they could get me a job…I’m not model material like yourself, but I could make them look at least half way decent. Eh, they prolly weren’t even models. Most likely they were hoping you’d you leave the country with them so they could take your passport and sell you for sex…Has anyone ever seen Human Trafficking? Scary shit, although Robert Carlyle is a damn hot bad guy. You gotta appreciate a truly evil man like that, especially when he’s so well played.

So, Audra here, on the blog. It’s weird, but I’m here…finally. After much hard work and scrambling to finish all my College work and hand in all my photos, I’m here, and as a happy bonus I should have passed my course. Although I wont celebrate just yet, not until I get the papers through and my graduation dates.

It seems my sister is not the only one going to a BBQ today, it was pop’s birthday during the week and I have to go and give him his card. I was supposed to do it yesterday but my fiancé (girl or guy spelling? Anyway) he went fishing and took the car, so I was stuck having a very boring/drunken day. Now I have to give up my Sunday to see him, by myself. Neil has decided that he’d rather spend his Sunday smoking the fish that he caught yesterday, unfortunately if that’s how he wants to spend his only real day off then I can’t say otherwise. Well I tried and I could, but he’d just huff his way through the whole thing. I don’t mind going to see mom and pop anyway, the place is like a zoo. I get to watch mom chase away the neighbours peacock with the water hose and I think they have acquired a new dog, to add to the ten huskies they have. Hell, I may even take my fat husky, it’ll get him out in some sun.

So then, hopefully, if all goes well I can get some work done on Marsh’s edits before he kills my sister. I think Monday will be the day for finishing that though, I don’t see the point in jumping through hoops for my characters. I find promising to write them into some evil harm or de-bollocking them always shuts even the toughest of them up. Although I’d never suggest you do that to Marsh though, we’ll keep him happy then put him through hell in the next book. He loves us really.

Ok so, I’m going to get the dog in then try and cure this hangover that’s pounding in my head.


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