Monday, February 26, 2007

good news today

So Sugar and Sin got yet another amazing review! this time it was the Awesome Jo at Joyfully Reviewed! heres what she had to say:

Sugar and Sin is a dark fantasy romance with some very, very erotic scenes that focuses on Astrid and Fallon. I found that theirs was a true love story although the strong member of the couple would switch back and forth as it went along. I believe that many different genre readers will love Sugar and Sin and the evolving Eververse.

you can read the rest of the review HERE

Also.. the wicked sweet Tammie at Night Owl Reviews has reviewed Sugar and Sin as well... HERE

This is not your typical fluffy romance. The Eververse is not a nice place and you should be prepared for many rocky relationships. The main characters of Sugar and Sin are Astrid and Fallon, but you will be invited to learn about many of the supporting characters. Both Astrid and Fallon have many wonderful and troubled friends. I hope to see more books about them.

And we have an interview posted there as well!

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