Saturday, November 24, 2007

Special Contest from Stella and Audra Price

Audra and I are happy to announce that our 4th book in print, Fire in His Eyes will be available very soon! Its been through the printer and we are just waiting on Amazon and to make it officially available.
So because of this, Audra and I are running a contest! Its simple, takes less time out of your day then you ever thought possible, and it could win you a fabulous prize! So what do you have to do? SIMPLE!

We have three books in print as of right now, Sugar and Sin, Silk and Steel and Wishbound. They are listed in several places such as, and other review houses. All you have to do to win is put up reviews of the books any place you can! The more places you post reviews, the more chances you have to win. Please note: we would like HONEST reviews! Your HONEST opinion, Love or hate or something in between.. thats what we want. no pandering.

Now What do you win?
a print copy of Fire in His Eyes, Signed book flat, large Fire in His Eyes magnet, a Fire in His Eyes book thong, Signed Book card (different from the book flat) and a Fire in His Eyes pillar candle from studio3b!

Fabulous right? Well we think so. So heres the deal... heres the four places to start with to post your reviews, and this is the entry. *Wishbound isnt on this site, but we will give you a free pass if you do it*

Any place other then these that you find to post a review of the book, and mail us the link, will get you another entry. every extra place from the 4 will get you more entires. Send all your extra review placements to under the "special contest: Extras" subject. Please try to put as many links into one email as possible. *hint* theres a lot of blog review sites that we have been reviews on too!*

This contest will be running today, November 24th, to December 15th, the official print release of Fire In His Eyes. Good luck and thanks a ton!

Stella & Audra

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