Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just Released! A new tale of scales and sex....


Knossos West Book 2

The plan was to steal his bike and ride outta town. She didn't count of him stealing her freedom, or her heart.

Reece Evans, the nest bad boy and only male Anaconda in the NY nest, is NOT looking for a mate, but he is looking for a wild ride. When he goes to Dry Ice one night, he meets Carmen - a viper and a rogue - and the attraction is beyond hot.

When she steals his motorcycle from under his nose and then calls him to bail her out, Reece sees his opportunity for a very satisfying tryst still within his grasp. He agrees, on the condition that she stays with him a month, and becomes his sexy plaything.

Little does he know he's sealed his fate, Carmen is exactly the snake he never knew he couldn't live without.

And guess what? we found out it is a RECOMMENDED READ at Joyfully Reviewed!

So who wants to win some goodies? Its easy! simply read the book and leave a review for it at Total E bound and you are entered! Winner receives the signed print book of their choice (except The Soft Edge of Midnight, there's not a shot in hell I'm getting any of those any time soon) and a promo pack! Cool right? Thought so. Contest starts on June 22 and runs till July 15 so there is plenty of time to read it!

Good Luck!

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