Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In NC for 'Vacay"

Yep. I'm visiting the EIC of Tease Publishing for a week in NC and having a good time doing it. Tonight is Harry Potter night, and we have midnight showing tix so I'm VERY excited. It looks really good so lets hope it is.

On the other side of it, let me officially announce that Audra is pregnant! Yes! its very cool, and she swears shes carrying a Ninja! Imma be an auntie, and the bestest one I can be. She is still coming in October for the event, so if your coming to AAD, you can participate in her makeshift shower we are throwing her that saturday.

So while Im here, Im doing some Tease work, which is usual, but Im also writing, and Im getting stuff ready for AAD by way of Tease. Yes, Tease is giving away 150 books at AAD this year, and will be sponsoring the masquerade ball with masks and a sweet cake. More on that as I know.

So its hot out, and Joe and I are going to hit the beach town here and do some touristy stuff. I'll post about Potter tomorrow. Shower is calling my name. Oh and I have a release tomorrow for the Pantheon series at ARE. BUY NOW and enjoy the goodness that is a naughty Hypnos.