Tuesday, February 15, 2011

lots of awesome.

Well I'm in SC, still hunting. its warm so I'm counting myself lucky that I'm not in the bitter cold of NY even for a little while longer. it is beautiful here, so I'm taking advantage.

We went to Savannah yesterday, walked around a bit, it was really cool. Audra and I are setting a series in Savannah so it was worth the trip just to get a feel for it, and make the imagery authentic. Savannah has some awesome beauty, the squares, the history, the hauntings, LOL. it really was the right setting for this book. hope our agent thinks so when it finally reaches her clutches LOL. and Im seriously considering Savannah for AAd 2013. Its just one of those cities everyone will love (and did you know that Savannah is 1 of only 3 cities in the USA that doesnt have an open container law? Drunk carousing anyone?)

AAD stuff is going well as well. Audra and I have decided to give away a registration for the 2012 event this year in Philly. If you wanna win (and believe me, you totally do!) you will have to attend AAD 2011 and pay attention when I talk... cuz I'm going to spell out the contest.

I will be at the Alternative Living Expo on March 5th, with a bunch of the authors (yes, all dressed up) and Ill be selling books. If your close come to it. hangout with us, and get the skinny on AAD and its vendors!

Im also gearing up for almost 2 months of signing insanity! Steampunk Worlds Fair, Steam City USA, MarCon, Signing in Middletown NY, one in Farmington CT... Its going to be wicked. So stay tuned...


Robin K said...

I would love to visit Savannah in 2013! I have heard it is magical.

Cassandra said...

Ooh, I adore Savannah! I seriously considered moving there once upon a time. Good luck and have fun while you're there. Woot! (open containers for everyone, lol).