Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Release, New Promotion and New Contest!

Ahoy All!

So with the Release of Fire In His Eyes (yesterday) Audra and I have our first “New” book out in Kindle in over 2 years. While the book isn’t new per say, it is new on Kindle and that’s awesome.

So we decided to offer it for free from Friday to Tuesday on Kindle, to introduce people to our books and our world… Which is awesome for you, I mean who doesn’t like free books? Exactly!

And… We decided to start a new contest! Since the Kindlegraph thing has been started, we have been in awe of it. It’s an awesome tool and goes far to make ebooks more personal and helps to bridge the gap of reader-author. So because of this… we have come up with a contest.

Buy any of our books (or even just DL the Free book starting tomorrow) and request a kindlegraph. For ever Book you request for a kindlegraph you will get One entry in our contest. What can you win? Well…

Since it’s easy to get this done, and super fun, we figured we would do a sliding scale.

If we have between 1-35 individual entries: 25$ GC to

36-70 individual entries: 50$ GC to

71-125 individual entries: 100$ GC to

126- 175 individual entries: 150$ GC to

176- 225 individual entries: A KINDLE FIRE

Individual entries mean one kindlegraph per person counted. Multiple entries are counted as extra entries to give you better chances of winning, but only ONE (your initial Kindlegraph) is counted towards the prize given away (does that make sense?)

Now what happens if we get over 225 individual entries? Well for every 25 extra after I will add in a 25$ GC on top of the Kindle Fire… Cool right?

So… What are you waiting for?! Tell everyone, and lets get that Kindle Fire A home!

*Contest Ends April 30th. Winner will be named on Blog, FB and Twitter On May 2nd!*


Annie Slasher said...

Great idea for a give away!
How do i request a kindlegraph?

Stella Price said...


follow directions!

Crystal said...

Great Idea! I just hit up Kindlegraph! Excited!

Annie Slasher said...

Stella...directions Whaaa hehe

Savannah Chase said...

This is a great contest...Already own a copy of the book..

burbanette said...

Can't wait to read the book! Are we automatically entered or do we need to post somewhere?

Stella Price said...


You need to request a Kindlegraph ( and then search Stella Price and you can request one for the book!)

Thanks So much Savannah!

Amy S. said...

Sent a request for a kindlegraph. Thanks

Raonaid Luckwell said...

Love Kindgraph...wish all authors did it. Sent in a request

Devyn Quinn said...

Got mine!

Susan W. said...

Just did it!