Monday, June 17, 2013

The Big HUGE AAD package raffle starts TODAY!

Starting Today You can get 6 offerings from 6 amazing authors for 99 cents!

And whats better? Every book bought is an entry to the raffle to win one HELL of an Amazing prize!

Whats the prize?

An AUTHORS AFTER DARK PACKAGE! (including Registration and Room for 5 nights, parking if needed and some cool hotel goodies) and entry to a special “invitation only” party!

So what are the books you need to buy to get the Max (30) entries for the books?

RULES: All book Receipts must be sent to With the Subject: AAD PACKAGE ENTRY (NAME OF BOOK).
All books must be bought between June 17 and June 22nd.
(We cannot accept any previously bought work)

Now the fine Print: Winner pays their own transportation and any gratuities, taxes and room service on the room. This prize cannot be transferred and MUST be used for the 2013 convention year. This prize has NO CASH VALUE and cannot be turned in for monetary compensation. In the event that the winner cannot use the prize, the prize will be awarded to another name on the list.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


sheila parsley said...

what are we supposed to use as proof that we emailed the paid confirmation page to for the rafflecopter?


MissyMonster said...

All of mine came up on one email receipt. Do I forward it six times with the name of each book in the email? That's what I did so I hope that was right. :D Although it was under a different email than this comment was made because my kindle account is under a different email so I used it also on the rafflecopter. Good luck to all!

MissyMonster said...

I won! I won! *happy dance* Holy shit I actually won!!!!

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