Thursday, February 02, 2006

apparently some people just dont get it. We are the bad guys. we are just slightly less bad then others.

So I have a gripe about a rejection we got yesterday. We were told that our "Heros" werent really heros but Badguys. Duh. Now im sorry but im seriously tired of reading about the "Good" guy thats all sweetness and light, who never had a parking ticket in their life, let alone persued a career in B and E.

Our heros are the Anit hero. They are the guys that are good, and mean well, but circumstance has dealt them a shitty hand. They are the guys that dont put themselves off as the good guy to the world. They are taboo, forbidden, the kinda guy you fantasize about taking you and ravishing you just because they want to. They Love their women, and family, and do whats right for them, but that dosent mean they are upstanding citizens. We have Thieves, hitmen, pimps, Spell dealers, a Fence or two, enforcers, Kings, Princes... and lest we all forget, they are Demons... Since when are demons all sweetness and light?

I think that its unfair to judge them on the fact that they arent the perverbial heros, that they have questionable morals and even more questionable jobs. Youll see further down the line, our resident pimp, well hes not what he seems. Yes, hes in the flesh trade, but hes very good to his girls. and, ever thing its not something he really wants to do?

So thats my gripe about our characters. Im still stewing about it... and apparently, they really just didnt get it, and enough people have gotten it... and like the refreshing change of pace. We are diffrent, and our books are diffrent. I dont think anyone has really attemped this before, fom what i have seen, but im hoping we get the chance.

Curious yet?


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