Monday, February 27, 2006

So it seems I'm First..

Hello all you lucky people!

I never thought any one of my stories would be published first, but here it is at Pretty/Scary, The Sleeping. *surpresses a giggle* Sorry but Remembering that night always makes me giggle. Drake, ooh lord what can i say about him that night? He was in in demonic twenties, and i was a bit older than him, and i think personally had that Mrs. Robinson complex going on, lord knows The Freshman wasnt even a thought in its creators mind when this went on.

So, Im Alabaster, second Princess of the Succubus house. people tell me i look like Penelope Cruz, but i say she looks like me. I mean, im much much older than she ever will be. How old you ask? Dont bother, a lady dosent reveal her age, especially when she looks like shes in her thirties.

So im sure you all have questions for me or the rest of the guys, and youll get to,
I should say thought that that was the only encounter Drake and i had, soon after i met Sallos, and well, i never looked back. So I'm sure youll hear more from me in the future, im just super psyched that i got to be the first to start posting here. Im not sure if Drake will be posting here, if ever, but, you can always leave a comment and let him know you wanna see what he has to say, i know the lunatic reads this, especially if he thinks theres going to be something said on himself.

So thanks for reading mine and Drakes story, your going to love each of our respective books... Hot hot hot... just like my Sallos....


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