Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Blessing of the Storm is Now Available!

The Blessings of the Storm
Mardi Gras Publishing
Paranormal Romance

Blurb:When Nora inherits a drafty and cavernous Victorian on a bluff in Rhode Island that houses an out of the way curio shop, she had no idea what she's gotten herself into. After finding a rolled up Persian rug in the back store room, she thinks she's going crazy, especially when the rug unrolls and a very sexy, very naked, and very horny Ifrit is revealed, claiming he can make all her wishes come true... for a price.

WOOHOO! the book is now out! we are so excited! So if you have read it please let us know what you think!


Zinnia said...

Congrats on the publication.

Dumb question, though. I sometimes have trouble discerning what pictures are, especially online or on TV and I'll be darned if I can see what that cover is.

Stella Price said...

oddly... its a chest and neck, theres fire and a carpet on the right. Its an odd cover... but we like it...

thanks for the congrats

Jodie said...

Congrats on the release. Gosh, you guys are super fast.

Suzette said...

You all must read it! It was a great story!