Monday, August 07, 2006

We sold again...

So this time its a Short story to the MGP scaremare series... its called Bloog on the Harvest Moon.

In the Deep South Danica Banks is teased by the guy in the large oak tree. Seeing him from an early age she is fascinated with him but heeds her gram’s advice about staying away from the tree. One night things change, and her mystery man leaves his perch on the tree… and that’s when things get interesting.

When her relationship with her mystery man takes a turn into the sinister realm and she makes a choice that could forever change her destiny and destroy her life, will she regret what she’s done in the name of what she thinks is love?

its a very... unsettleing story, but then again what work of ours isnt?

so congrats are in order... heh...

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