Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Stories

Well Aud and I are hip deep in the new book, i swear in 3 days to do 20k in insanity, but its going really well. Its the Unicorn book, but it involves some of the Fallen, and i think this is going to be a wonderful gateway book for the Fallen Series. Also, Aud and i, to be authentic, have used all Devil names from the hiarachy of hell, so i guess if we get a late night visit from some random person we know who it will be. So this story showcases Lucifer (or Big S), Sammael, Azel(As a woman), Nybras and a made up dutchess of hell, Xainatell. then of course the Unicorns are Illori and Karsten. Its been a lot of fun so far and im really excited its going to quickly, though i am going to have to change the blurb for it, it is strying further into different territory, which neither of us mind so much, after all we are telling their story.

So its a good thing i think, though im not sure where this one is getting submitted to, lord knows we have options. Im hoping for at least 60k on this book, and hoping the characters agree, if we got anything more then 60 out of this one i will be tickled pink, cuz that makes it a novel, and the only other novel we have going aside from the Eververse seires is the Dragon series(which BTW, book one is finished and at the publisher. Im soooo excited!)

So its back off to to work on the fallen and the Unicorns, we are now trying for 5k a day at the least so we will see...

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