Saturday, September 09, 2006

words... words...

i write this now in the dark at 606am. why am i writing in the dark and up at the ass crack of dawn you ask? well because i have to go to work in an hour, and Nybras, our most recent bad guy, wont shut up. Poo on that. On the upscare we finished the week with 37,400 words and im very pleased. If we keep this up well have the book finished well before october. Maybe we should have done NaNo? heheh.

So the next week is going to be rife with Unicorns and Fallen angles again, and hopefully the cover and edits to our snake book. Im wait with baited breath on that cover.

So its off to work for me, after Yahoo quits twisting my non existant balls.


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Emma_Sanders said...

LOL. Good to hear the writing is going good. I can't wait to see the snake cover, either. :))