Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Reviews, awards and a movie to top them all

I just got some cool info today. Audra was named Fallen Angel Reviews' AUTHOR OF THE MONTH!

Needless to say we are both sooo excited! i mean its a win for the team you know? that makes two awards this month, One from Love Romances and More as their rising stars, and one from FAR.. WOO HOO!

And we also found out that Blood on the Harvest Moon got another review... 4 ANGELS!!! heres what Tracy has to say about it:

Stella and Audra Price deliver an intriguing short story with a surprise ending. Blood on the Harvest Moon is sure to make you ponder what you would do in Danica’s situation. I felt for the character and wonder how she’s doing. The Prices gave me the heebie jeebies and in my opinion that’s a sign of great writing.

You can read the rest of the Review here

Ooh so today has been good for me... and for aud. ooh and di i tell you all we started a new Satyr book? its hopping i tell you... those Satyrs... evil nasty sexy things.. lol... So ill keep you updated on that. The name of the book is Of Crimson and Collars and it takes place at the Belevedere Castle in NYC's central park. Ill be posting more as we get on with it.

So ill leave you with Stella's pick for top romance Movie of all time: Fall.

Two people from completely different worlds meet by chance, thrown together as if by fate. Their attraction is immediately obvious and overwhelming. He is attracted to her beauty (she is a supermodel) and good humor; she is seduced by his charisma and honesty. With his gifts of poetry and tenderness, he opens her heart to the possibility of true love. But it takes a lot of courage to make a commitment. Is she truly in love with him? And even if she is, will she able to leave the cosmopolitan, superficial lifestyle to be with him?

Why this movie? O-M-G. first off, the guy, Michael is a writer by trade but would rather enjoy driving a cab (and you find out why later in the movie) and he falls in love with this woman, Sarah, who is a rather sought after super model. they start an affair while her husband (who happends to be hottie Rudolph Martin)is away in Europe.Trashy right? WRONG. its a beautiful story, and with Michael Sarah can just be a person, not a name or a gimick. Shes normal and they do normal things. But what gets me is the letters the "Fax Fairy" sends her. Michael faxes her love letters after certain encounters. they are beautiful and soulful and i swaer to you if a man ever wrote like that to me i would be his. and the end? OMG i cried... and i still cry every time i see it.
Ooh, and the sex scenes in it are pretty hot too.... You NEED to buy this movie. I SHIT YOU NOT!

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So extremely happy for you!! I voted for Audra!