Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Two amazing reviews and updates!

We got some fantastic reviews today from the wonderful ladies at Kwips and Kritiques!

Blood on the harvest moon

And this is what Anne has to say about it:

Stella and Audra Price have outdone themselves with this phenomenal tale! BLOOD ON THE HARVEST MOON hearkens back to the traditional horror and dark fantasy tales that were built on suspense and the careful crafting of atmosphere to build up to a shocking climax. The first person perspective enhances the ominous atmosphere while building up to the startling but ever-so-appropriate ending. BLOOD ON A HARVEST MOON is easily recommended for fans of dark fantasy!

You can read the rest of the review HERE

And we got another! For Surrender in Moonlight: 4.5 klovers!
Review by Anne:
Stella and Audra continue to push the boundaries with each new book they write and this book is no exception. However, readers looking for an edgy but sexy book will enjoy Surrender In Moonlight. Kudos to Stella and Audra Price for their daring approach to the shape shifter genre!

OOh we are SOOOO excited! What a great way to start a otherwise dreary wensday.

So what have we been up to? We havent been blogging? Well We are slowly getting ready for the Sugar and Sin bash this saturday. we are both estatic, and cant wait for this. The excerpts we have been putting out have gotten some great responses too so im hopeing people will pick it up, its really some of our best work.

What else? I have been getting promo together for days now, as well as press releases and setting up the Rites of Romance Reviews site with Ash Arceneaux for the launch this friday. I know we are SOOO busy right?

Not to mention the writing. We have gotten another 2k on Lady luck, and did 5.5k in three hours last night on the second dragon book, Deep Water. Im so LOVING this book its insane.

So anyway, off to promo and write, this book is like the first Fallen book, its just flowing....

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