Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Even with Audra's computers going to shit we have managed to still put another 4k on Gifts. Im attribiuting it to Marsh and Janeys Stubbornness, When they start a book, they need to finish it. Its one of their finer quailties. So thats a good thing.

We also subbed out a partial recently, im sitting here fingers crossed that we get it, as well as another sub we have out. Always subbing is us.

On the homefront, my hunny just bought a new car. Its the Honda Fit and he got it in white. Im sooo Excited cuz it means i can drive a new car. tee hee... heh and apparently a lamacan fit in the thing. messed up right?

So happy christmas to him. lol.

We have one more day of holiday shopping coming. and then we are DONE! And Audra and I are hoping to get some morework done this week. Oh and i became partners with a good friend in a business venture. More on that as it develops.

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