Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tagged: Five things about Me...

So ms. Bianca D'Arc has tagged me for thid fun little 5 things about me... So here it goes:

1. I spent 5 years in the Music Industry as a tour manager. Make no mistake people, i wasnt a Groupie, i actually worked for a living, and one of my duties was actually GETTING groupies to the bands.. well atleast all mine with of legal age.

2. I went to college for Industrial Design, but had a double major in Special Effects and English, minor in Puppetry. I wanted to work for Henson's creature shop.

3. I have a insane memory for useless knowledge. I know just about all there is to know from Time life books, Starwars, LOTR and can quote obscure movie quotes.

4. Im from a very musical family. My grandpa is some big deal singer in the Latin community, the voice of big latin bands like the Joe Cuba Band, the Tito Puente Band (50-56) and others. Hes been showcased in about 4 books and was recently honored at MSG.

5. I won tix to woodstock 94 on a radio station here in NY. I was 16...

OK so im pretty boring... but Im sure Skylar Sinclair and Jacquelyn Frank will be more intresting....

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