Thursday, March 22, 2007

maintaining my BUSY

screw my sexy. its the end of march and RT is just around the corner. I have two novels i want us to finish so they can be released with phaze this winter. I have edits up the ying yang, and ooh yeah, i gotta start ordering promo stuff again next week.
The webshop website went from idea to reality as we have pictures coming in every day of merchandise that we will be selling. Im hoping to get that online by July instead of August. we will have to see though.
With Sugar in print im setting up signings left and right. i have the event in june at the Tuscan and a few cons for the summer. Could i be more busy? probably. But its what keeps me sane.

Still I got conformation last night of Audra's flight for RT so now I'm hella excited. i get to see my sister in a little over a month and my soon to be new brother in law. Needless to say that in itself means i have to clean and redecorate.

and PACK! omg i have to start packing for RT too...

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