Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sugar and Sin is LIVE at Amazon!

Sugar and Sin is now LIVE at Amazon! Finally! Ooh today is one of those busy days, I have a lot to do, emailing the indie shops, promoting, emailing to friends and family.

and now starts Phaze 2. Yep, finally, i can get to the marketing and print sales part of my promo plan. *rubs hands together* this is what i have been waiting for for a while now! woo hoo!!!

So if your looking to order it from Amazon, please do so, and if you have already read it in e book, please oh please, leave a review for it! we would love you SOOO much for it!

Ooh and today, Fire in His Eyes releases as well! We are SOOOO excited that we have another novel out now, and its getting fan-flipping-tastic reviews too, 5's across the board! So pop by Mardi Gras Publishing and pick it up this afternoon!

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