Sunday, December 23, 2007

And one down... two to go.

We finally finished our snake novel which is tentatively titled This is Forever. I'm so excited that its done. It took about 6 months to write and that was due to Audra's MIA status most of the year due to planning her wedding. I'm happy though, that its done, and now we are going through it for edits and such. Its a little over 88k and I think its one of the best we have ever written.

So next is finishing up Frost and Flame so it can have its Feb 15th release date with Tease. I cant wait to get Cash and Faris' book out there. its a good one if i do say so myself.

And finally, we are adding a bit to our first American Satyr book and deciding what to do with it. Aud and I have some ideas, but we aren't sure. I'm thinking of letting it sit till after the holidays.

So everyone have a safe and happy holiday and we will be back in the new year!

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