Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And yet once again Im forced to weigh in

So with all the bullshit going on with the owner of MGP coming back and trying to be an author again a lot of people are pissed and have been weighing in, and at this point I think its about time I said my piece.

First, I pretty much put it all behind me. We got fucked, and we learned something, don't trust people, because we all know about the "best intentions." That said, It does upset me greatly that shes back and playing dumb games. What is most disturbing is that she feels she did nothing wrong. If that was so, she would have paid everyone what she owed them, and no one would have issues with her now. Lets set the record straight.

1st. She told us it cost her 400$ to go print, when i know for a fact it is LESS then 100$ to go print with LSI per book. So thats a blatant lie. I also know that We sold over 150 books, because LSI does a small run of 200 books, which goes to Amazon/Ingrams warehouse. Audra and I sold out of our first run in under two weeks *Which btw, no one else at MGP did in the time it was there least of all Jaden or Teresa* and we never saw one penny of that Money. Now lets not even talk about the copies of the books that were sold on FW, ARe or her cart, Now with our print book royalties at 20% , We would have made about 300$, if not more. granted I took out a generous price of 150$ *which BTW, when sugar went back print it only cost our publisher 98.75$ so I'm being hella generous* and nothing for my editor because to this day she wasn't paid, nor was my editor for our Dragon book either, Just so you guys know* WHERE IS THAT MONEY? She is a charlatan who NEVER had any intentions of paying anyone. And I KNOW LSI paid her but we never received anything. WHAT DID SHE DO WITH OUR MONEY!?

The fact is, if she PAID people she wouldn't be having this backlash, and everyone would just leave her alone. If she was filing bankruptcy, then file, but don't reemerge like nothing happened and try to start over when you have a lot of people waiting on money you contractually agreed to pay.

As to her ramblings on her blog that I was recently shown, it takes a truly delusional person to think she isn't in the wrong for anything she did, especially the shady business dealings.

Personally I don't care what shes doing, just pay me my money that I earned by doing what an author should do, promotions and pushing their book. Situations like this don't endear an author to the publishing process, and at the very least they make a person think twice when wanting to get into publishing because theres more shady people out there then most people realize. And just to clarify, if she WASN'T SHADY she would have PAID EVERYONE and been done with it.


Just me! said...

Well said!

Just me! said...

well said!

Suzette said...

And thats all she wrote! Wow! You are totally passionate about this! Not that I blame you, I would be too.