Sunday, February 10, 2008

A note from a read in Cali...

So Steph in Cali sent me this about Fire in His Eyes:
This is a great start to a new world of paranormals. What I really liked was how all the dragons interacted. They each had their own personalities, strengths and weaknesses. The idea of how each elemental dragon was different was fascinating, I wanted to know more about their individual backgrounds, talents and abilities. I especially liked how the decisions each dragon made defined them. Specifically, how their elemental abilities allowed them greater or lesser freedom/abilities, how this may have affected their outlook to life and to new changes. I felt this was very integral to the story (and future stories) since it gave insight into each dragons abilities and how they were able to survive individually. I know that this need to know what will happen to these characters will keep me wanting more. As an example of what I mean, I liked… while Char was relatively strong due to his ‘fire power,’ other dragons such as Keegan were extremely weak and unable to withstand the onslaught of time with a positive outlook. Char’s focused pursuit of Alcyone and how he seduces her and makes her is mate was sizzling. I could feel his strength and knew he and Alcyone would be happy. They were just meant to be together. On the other hand, Keegan, although she was a secondary character touched me very deeply, too. I kept hoping she would find a way to survive. Her pain and suffering seemed very real and tragic, even though I knew she had lived a long life. I didn’t want the others dragons to suffer, too! Could it possible she could make a reprise?! Or another dragon in a similar situation is still able to find the will to survive in spite of the obstacles of their weakened powers? (If you are the author, I know it is bad but most of my favorite characters, well…. I enjoy them suffering a bit so that when they do find happiness I find it all that more satisfying!)

Sooo… although the book had some Hot scenes, what kept me reading were the interesting characters and wanting to know more and MORE about each dragon’s past and how they became they way they are in the book. In fact, if there are any complaints they would have to be I wanted to know more about the dragons and their history. In the end I wanted each to find someone meaningful like Char and have a happy dragon life, too!

OOH needless to say Im sooo excited! that was the COOLEST email i have gotten ever.

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