Saturday, February 02, 2008


I'm actually really upset for the Ecata girls. apparently there has been some insane people emailing every few minutes to them about the winners, and I think thats wrong. They didn't really do much to the polls, nor did they check if they were out in 2007 because they were tired of getting the insane emails.

So anyway, As it went, Audra and I won The Best love scene 2007 for the Library scene between Bianca and Sam in the Soft Edge of Midnight! We are super excited about it, and we won a few honorable mentions:

Favorite erotic romance of 2007 ( The Soft Edge of Midnight)
Best Sensual Romance under 100 pages (Hot Rio Nights)
Best Sensual Paranormal Romance (Gifts)
Interested in finding out why? Pick them up!

We are seriously excited, and congrats to the winner of almost all of them, Jade Falconer, Rob Grahm, and to Wendy Stone, and the other HM's Alessia Brio and Will Belegon and any others I missed!

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