Sunday, April 20, 2008

Winners, Insights and Plans...

So the winner of my shag list post is :Candice: So please email me at and send me your addy. Thanks for playing everyone, it was a total blast.

Now, thankfully, RT is over and everyone can get back to normal. Which is good. I mean I wasn't there this year, but I gotta say, from all the stuff I have heard, from the EC stuff to RT allegedly feeding conventioners leftovers at the Awards banquet from the Fairy Ball to the hotel being closer to condemned then to renovated I think RT fucked the cat with this one. I haven't heard one favorable report this year and that scares me. Greatly. I hope our promo went over well.

On an up note, I got my ticket for my flight to Scotland. So in June I'll be adding pictures, and hopefully video to this blog as I get it while I'm there. We are going to be doing a LOT of sight seeing, mostly for research for the books though so it should be a lot of fun... I'm happy that Ill be spending 21 days with my sister.. damn fun abound. Though I'm a bit apprehensive, that old Twilight Zone with Shatner keeps coming to mind... THERES SOMETHING ON THE WING! Nightflights across the pond... I think I'm going to sleep through it.

Ooh and did anyone see AVPR? damn... I sat here watching that movie purely mystified. Bizzare. I wouldn't wanna meet up with that Pred-Alien... *shudder*

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:Candice: said...

=^) Awesome, I'll send my info now! Thanks--

Hope your flight is creature free and pleasent!