Monday, April 28, 2008

New cover!

Aud and I got the email that GIFTS is going print June 16th. I'm SO excited. So excited that I redid the cover for the print book. Why? Because I thought we needed a more shelf friendly cover. Small press is a bitch and a half to have your work shelved, and Phaze is no exception. So Im trying to combat that so we get a fair shake on being available. So you wanna see?

Like it? I do. I'm very happy with it. I cant wait to hold it in my hands LOL. So here's hoping it interests sellers enough to buy it for the shelves. Ooh and you wanna see the cover wrap?

Yes Im very excited. Now we have to wait for it... but still It should be worth the wait. I believbe its going to be 280 pages, which rocks cuz its much bigger then Wishbound and people will be able to actually READ it. WOO HOO. So I will have it for the July signings.

And two weeks till the Spotty Dog event. So looking forward to this month of signings! I get to hangout with Tilly, and Cat and Bianca... its a good time when Im with those ladies!

Anywho, Im back to writing. Audra and I have to finish London for the Holidays!



:Candice: said...

that cover is beautiful! I know I would pick it up while I was book browsing. Just the type of cover to grab my attention.


Suzette said...

I have to agree with Candice, I would pick it up. Hell, if its got your name on it and I have money, look out. Hope all is right in your world!