Friday, May 02, 2008

So much to do, so little time

June is fast approaching. Signings are fast approaching. My birthday is fast approaching. Deadlines are fast approaching. May is a seriously insane month. I'm looking forward to it all, I have been feeling quite inactive as of late. But with new books to promote, and new venues to promote them in, I'm hopeful that we will gather new fans.
For this tour, I found some very cool new places to do the signings, from a bookstore with a pub inside it, to a string of Borders we haven't worked with before. Lots of new people and new places to stock the books *muahahahahahah!* And of course, I get to chill with the girls. I dont think I could have put together a better signing group. All the ladies that do the events with me are mature, fun and best of all, amazing writers.
And with my birthday coming up, *which I have a signing scheduled* Im hoping to sell out of the books they have for me. That will be the best birthday gift ever. Throw on my Online birthday bash on my Blog Talk Radio show, with all the awesome special author guests that are cool enough to give away awesome goodies and books and ARC's... its really going to be a great birthday.
Deadlines... shit I need to get a hop on those things that are not done yet. And the book for Phaze is almost done. Still gotta write the blurb for this one and take an editing pass on it before its finished. I'm hopeful well have it done by this time next week. Now its all blood and mayhem. I'm down for that.
June 10th is coming like a freight train. I'm so excited to see my sister and spend time in Scotland, but I'm sad that It will be almost a month before I see my JoJo again. Not to mention my Moo. It's going to be tough but I think we can manage.
So that all said, if your close to the signings, please come out and hangout, especially if your in CT for the 24th of May. 4 hours of fun, goodies and a lot of interesting conversation! I'm so excited! What a way to spend your birthday right? And Im going to have a special goodie for anyone that does show up. LOL....
So what do I want for my birthday? I have been getting this question from family left and right, and while I keep saying Money... they ask still. So im going with my old stanbys:

Ugly dolls * Ice Lodge Icebat, Poe, Abima* Check them out HERE
Gwin *Ghost Gwin* Wanna see it? HERE
Sweet Journal Check out THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS

See? I'm wicked easy. Though Like Christmas, I have a feeling they will just get me stuff i didnt ask for and have no use for... Le Sigh... My family is insane.

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