Friday, May 16, 2008


So excited! tomorrow is the first day of the Philly weekend and Im almost finished getting packed. Good lord the amount of stuff I'm bringing with me is insane. a CARLOAD of crap. CARLOAD. Im just hoping that I wont be bringing much of it back.

For those of you near philly, and are coming out. We are positioned in the CENTER of 19th st right next to the library. If you do come out, dont froget to get the goodie bags from us, and check out the book sales we have going on! We will be the tents with the giant tiki's attatched to it!

Ill be selling Sugar and Silk together for 22$ and youll get some SWEET goodies with it! Also Ill be selling both of the Dragon Elementals together for 22$ as well!

I cant wait to see the girls again. We always have SO much fun!