Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fantastic Birthday, If bittersweet.

Today was a wonderful birthday for me. I had a signing with the lovely and darling Cat Johnson and C.H. Admirand, in Farmington CT. OMG what fun! the store was lovely, the staff was ever efficient, and we had a solid and fantastic audience.

We all sold books, so I was happy about that, and C.H. Gave me a wonderful bottle of champers, *which I'm drinking right now!* and my dirrty froggy brought me chocolate. good love it!

But I get home to news that Audra is sick once again, and that shes on some heavy meds including anti-epilepsy pills. Needless to say I'm scared. Shes so close to getting married, and I know its her stress from said wedding. I cant wait to get there to help her out and help her get well again. I'll call her tomorrow to check up on her.

So other then my champers, Tilly got me the COOLEST gifty, a POE uglydoll keychain! Woo! hes coming with me to Scotland! And Selena was totally awesome and got me two fantastic journals, one thats going to be come Our Afterverse Throne Book or The Fey book of Names. We havent decided yet, but I'm anxious to get started on that project.

Anyways thanks to everyone that showed up today, I love you all and you helped to make my birthday that much better. Im off to relax and enjoy whats left of the day.

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