Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pseudo updating

The signing was awesome! I absolutely LOVE the spotty dog. I got to hangout with the girls, drink for free and sold a bunch of books. Can't get better then that. Ok well you can, but I doubt Colin Farrell was making his way through upstate New York at the time (And If he was, WHERE!?).

So this week is getting ready for all the good stuff for this coming weekend, 2 days with Tilly, Robin and Cat in Philly! YAY! I'm really looking forward to this! Not to mention CHEESE STEAKS! Woo!

One month from today I'll be standing on Scottish soil, and rocking out with my sister. Its getting close, and as much as I'm not excited about flying alone, It has to be done. I just hope Audra is feeling better soon. Please send out good vibes to her for a speedy recovery from her illness.

I'm a bit fuzzy today from all the crappy pollen in the air, so I'm going to report on this weekend when I'm not a mess. I'm tired, my eyes hurt and I need sleep.

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