Tuesday, July 08, 2008

No Audra... and apparently no words...

Audra is still on her honeymoon! She will be for another week, and I have been sitting here tearing my hair out. I feel stagnant, and unmotivated, because shes not here. My stress? Through the roof because we have a LOT to get finished. So I'm trying to write little by little on my own but its a losing battle.
So what did I do? I created a new pen name for myself, to write shorts and novella's on my own. Seemed like a good idea at the time, and I did start writing. My problem? I'm stuck again. Why? because my brain is set to "pair writing" and I don't think I can write something good without her. Its insecurity I know, but the idea has come to me easily, but I cant write it. Its sitting here, scenes and chapters waking up in my head, but I keep thinking "Damn Aud is going to LOVE this idea!" and she has no idea about it and wont because its my work alone.
I don't think I can get my head around working alone really, because I haven't really done it in ages. So I toil on, push some words out. But I'm nowhere near as prolific as I should be and am when I'm writing with Audra.
So I have decided to just let it sit for half the day today, watch the last episode of Dr. Who for season 4 and cry it out, like i did for the 12th episode. *sigh* Watch the back episodes of Battlestar I missed while in Scotland, and maybe order some promo. Maybe that will get my brain working, and if not it might turn it to mush. Either way, I'm eager to have Audra home to get some work done.

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:Candice: said...

aw lol Hey maybe you could watch a Supernatural Marathon :) Man I love that show!