Monday, July 21, 2008

Signings, traveling and back to work

NC was freaking awesome. I had a great time, so did joe and I sold 10 books at the signing. All in all thats a damn good day. Our vacation was fun as well, though I don't like driving all day to get home. I need to move south. Too many of my good freinds live south.

Ooh and it was so fantastic to see the Jens at the signing as well. I'm SOOO glad they came cuz they both rocked! I'm looking forward to seeing them both again.

So Audra is home finally. so we are going to start writing again this week. I figure we can get the books finished and knock a lot out of our WIP list. Im off to start writing right now as a matter of fact. Be sure to check out my post at AAD this month, Im giving away some free print books and other good stuff..

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