Thursday, August 28, 2008

I swear im the worst blogger ever.

Well I know I have some interesting things to say but honestly i don't have the energy to get all wild about the indignities and injustices that have been coming to light recently. I will one of these days, but not today. I just dont have the time or the inclination.

Why? Because I start our fall signing tour this weekend. Farmington CT is the first stop, then every weekend till the middle of October i have something. Im excited to be getting back out there and seeing readers and meeting new ones, I have hope this will be the best tour we have so far.

So its all packing and making sure i have everything I need. I still need to finish cutting out promo to bring but luckly i have tonite to do that. It never ends, the planning and the packing. Im just hoping that the amount of stuff im doing does pay off.

And this time through, I have two cons! ConTEXT in Ohio in September, and AlbaCON in Albany in October where Ill be on a bunch of panels! Wooo I cant wait! FINALLY! and this is going to do well for my Con resume, so that I can get on other panels as I go. I really cant wait for that. oh and Bianca and I are throwing a party there as well. HEH.

So wish me luck for this tour, I plan on having a freaking rad time.

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