Monday, September 01, 2008

signing heaven.

Yesterdays signing was freakin cool. We had a new fan stop by to meet us! Apparently she picked the books up off their shelf at the store, and LOVED them, so she wanted to meet me and Aud. Sadly Aud wasnt there but she did get the blow by blow. It was soo damn cool to meet Mandie, and to hear that she really liked our work.
I mean, I know we have fans, and love every one of them, but she picked us up off a shelf, and knowing that, I know we are doing the right thing with the print. Its going slowly but we are doing it and I dont feel like its not making a difference. Its hard sometimes, but its also really rewarding when stuff like this happens.
So Im off to write, but I figured i would give a shout to our girls Frog and Marci for coming to hangout once again. I love them SOOOOO much!


Ann said...

love you too sweetie
you rock

Dirrrrrty Froggy

Suzette said...

So happy for you. I have yet to see your books on our bookshselves here in Lancaster. I can order them but they dont seem to have any actual print copies. Trust me, i look because if you remember I told you I prefer print and was happy when you said you were headed in that direction. Maybe as they come out more and more we will see them here.