Friday, September 26, 2008

4 STAR Review

by Stella and Audra Price

RT Rating:
Category: EROTICA
Publisher: SIREN
Published: March 2008
Type: Erotic Romance (Paranormal)

Once again the Price sisters come up with a darkly original tale set in their Eververse world. With an assortment of shapeshifters, witches, demons and the fallen, it's a feast of supernatural characters. The romantic leads are an interesting pair of unicorn-shifters, but the demons take center stage with more personality, more plotlines and more sex.
Summary: When Illori escapes her demon captor she thinks she's the last unicorn-shifter left. She's resigned to being alone until she meets Karsten, a male unicorn who wants her for his mate. But before the couple can consummate their relationship, Lucifer sends his hunter Sammael to bring Illori back. Nybras wants Sammael's job, and after capturing Illori he thinks it's in the bag. But when Sammael joins forces with Karsten, all bets are off. (SIREN, Mar., 276 pp., $12.99)

Such a great review, and it means our reviewer has read us before, so thank you SO much! Couldnt have come at a better time!

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