Thursday, September 25, 2008

I miss talking to Audra.

But today we were on the phone for three hours talking about books and reconnecting with some of our work. I was rather excited, and have a new look at some of the work we have been putting off. Its been good. So we did decide things, and how things are going, and Where to go with some new stuff.

For the Eververse series, After Masquerade is out in January, we are going to do Drakes book, then switch stuff up, and do Feyd's book. We think he deserves it, and we are both looking forward to getting into that. And we, as well as fans, get to see a lot more of Trent (from the Duvall Inc. Series)... Im SO looking forward to that. Trent is a complete enigma to me, and to my sister as well, so this will be fun.

What? You dont know what Trent has to do with Feyd? heh. Trent happens to be Ashlyn's father, a father who she never met, and one that doesnt even know she exists. Feyd, raised right by his loving mum Lorna has to get a hold of Trent to ask for Ash's hand in marriage, especially because shes pregnant and it is TRENT... the one person He, Fallon and Arcady are actually scared of. They dont call him Afterburn for nothing after all. So when Trent shows up at Crypt to get to the bottom of all this hoopla of a daughter hes never met marrying a collegue, he meets Feyd's Mother... and things get even more interesting...

Heh... I know, its going to be such a fun book! And I cant wait to get it going.

And we are going to get back to work on the new book series we have been developing, and we needed that too. Im hoping we can get the first one finished by mid spring next year, and to shop it out and see where it takes us. Im hopeful.

We are still waiting on some submissions, and have to revise a book to resend to Loose ID for next year. Im hopeful that it will work for them, and that we will get the other submissions back with good news. Heres Hoping lots more...

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