Saturday, December 27, 2008

the holidays and whats coming this week

I swear im the most boring person in the world. Nothing big to report for christmas. Still didnt get what i wanted for christmas, surprise surprise. Aud got a plane ticket to visit me in October for the AAD event. So if your thinking of going, Audra will be there for you to see for yourself.

We are almost finished with two books, one for a revise for Loose id, which we are hoping they like the extended version so to speak, an one we are getting ready for pitching at RT. I love this book, love the characters and the premise, and Im hoping it will do well once it gets out there. And of course, we have to work on Book three of the snakes. Its already started, have about 2k written (which isnt much but it is a start, espcially when we are working on several othe books as well) and im hoping to have masquerade ready to go for a May or June release.

London for the Holidays has a Jan 5th release date, which Im very excited about. Since its out only vampire book to date (and probably ever) im hoping we get some new readers that just read the bloodsuckers LOL. though I will say that the story is good, and different, and when it goes into print, it will have a special short story called No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, and its about Marsh, and Janey after the end of Gifts. It happens on New Years, when The Devil comes to visit for a small conversation and bargain. Sorry, no sex in this one, Janey is pregnant and all, but it explains a lot that people were asking about.

So Im off to watch cartoons and enjoy my saturday. Hope you all had a good holiday!

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