Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A year gone, a year ahead

in less then 18 hours, 2008 will be a memory. I'm happy about it. this year was rife with disappointments. We got over 100 rejections from agents for a book, And no, it wasn't because it was a bad book, or poorly written. The subject kinda threw them off. *shrug* we will try again with it, the book itself deserves a bigger distro and a bigger contract. the book is unique and different and I think the industry needs it.

Then, our writing has been slim and none this year. Its only been recently that we have gotten something substantial done, and thankfully. a book that would have normally taken us 1 month to write took 10. Ugh it sucked. The book is good though.

We had FEW releases this year, and that sucked as well. I like having a bunch of things coming out. Keeps me on my toes, but I have noone to blame for that but me and Audra.

So already 2009 has been shaping up better. We have a release almost every month from January to June, Audra's hubby is going to be away from home for 2 months starting Jan 5th so we can get all the WIP's off our list, and I plan on pitching at RT this coming April. Im hopeful that everything will be better in 2009. I know a lot of people are.

I know with the industry being what it is, that we all have a tough time ahead of us all by way of selling, but i think 2009 is going to be a better year for everyone. Readers are still reading and those of us that are really serious about our work are out there in the trenches to get that sale. I hope all of us that are going that extra mile for our careers are recognized for it.

I will be doing my part, and have been just told that Ill be one of the Go Green Authors for the ARe promotion starting in March 2009. Im so excited about this, and see the opportunity as one of the great things Ill be involved in next yet. More on that as i get it.

So happy New Year to all. Enjoy some alcohol and food with freinds tonite, and resolve to make next year 100% better for you and yours.

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