Friday, January 02, 2009

Lots going on!

Well this will be a lean year for us in contests and lists, but we did get on a few! Audra and I are nominated for Authors of the Year at PE, and GIFTS is up for cover of the year at PE as well as me being up for Artist of the Year. If you got the chance, please go and vote for us!

And I just found out, I'm up for Cover Artist 2008 at Love Romances Cafe, and up for Cover of the Year with The Werewolf Whisperer, a cover I have already won a Ariana for this year at the Eppies.

Good stuff. I'm excited. And I'm very excited that London for the Holidays comes out with Phaze on Monday. FINALLY! Malcolm will be out to the reading public, and you guys will get your fix of our smarmy vampire. And his cover is delicious, and the story is hot! its our first threesome story (enter: Hottie Fallen Angel Sammael!) and our first vampire story. It will probably be the only one too. Unless we do a short. *shrug* it depends. I hope youll go and pick it up monday, And help us start the new year off right!

Ooh and if you dont know, We have revived our Newsletter group and will be giving away goodies and books with each issue. So JOIN NOW and get in on all the goodies and infor for this year!

On the writing front, I started writing the second Satyrs book last night, hit about 2k, And I think you guys will like this one as much as the first (Once you read Ben and Minerva's book!). We are almost finished with the rewrites for book one, titled Of Crimson and Collars , and it has been lengthened 4k so far already. Im very happy with that. and it should end up around 35k once we are done. And Lets all hope the pubby that asked for the R&R will take it when we send it back in. I do love this story and the Satyr world so much.

Also, Now that Aud will have the time to get stuff done, we are going to be finishing up loose ends so to speak. Masquerade, Bitter Kiss, Tithe, Moongardens... Its coming to an end LOL.

And Im LOVING how A Gift of Daybreak is coming out. Our snakes are a favorite of ours for a reason, and its great to get back to those who you love and understand so well. I think the readers of our snake series are going to love this one, and finally see what a country club kid passes for in the Ophidian world.

So im back to writing, I need to get another 2k done today and I have lots to write!

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Isabelle Santiago said...

Wow Stella! You guys are busy, busy! Good stuff. :)

And of course, congrats on the PE noms. You guys are starting '09 with a bang.