Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Excerpt: Beyond the Vision of Dreams

Hey all. theres been some requests for an excerpt for the first Snake were book, so I thought I would oblige. This is a small excerpt from the first book in the Knossos West Weresnakes series, Beyond the Vision of Dreams, in which Remy Crane, unmated Python, meets the woman hes been dream screwing for a few weeks at the front door of the Mansion...

The Compound, A sprawling mansion just outside town sat on about fifty acres of land and was hidden by the dense copes of evergreens, elms and birches that were indigenous to the area. For the past hundred years it had housed the upstate New York nest with relative ease and very little scrutiny. The residents had the freedom to come and go as they pleased, live their own lives, and not have to worry about the once a month hunt in a place where giant snakes were unheard of. The fifty acres that surrounded the sixty five thousand square foot mansion was protected land, lush and fertile and the perfect environment for the nest to hunt in.

He loved it here, and had stayed because of that, when a good portion of the other males had gone to other crèches. New York just flat out did it for him, and he loved the people here. As he walked down the next set of stairs he took in the ground floor tiling, the embedded snake motif that weaved through it was only truly visible from the third floor stand off outside the Archon’s room but from living here so long he knew exactly where to look. As he descended the stairs, the pattern became geometric shapes, not meant to be seen by just anyone coming to the house. It was a little trick to them, a way of hiding what they were but keeping it all out in the open.

Remy was so engrossed in his musings he didn’t even notice the woman standing in the foyer. As he bumped into her he cursed and shook the pleasant thoughts from his mind and concentrated on being the gentleman most people rarely saw when they looked at him. “Ah shit let me help you up! I didn’t see you there, I’m sorry.” He rambled, focusing on the dark black hair and that was hanging in the woman’s face. “Are you ok?”

“Sure,” she bit out snarkly, “Don’t mention it, I try to get knocked on my ass at least once a day.” She growled as she straitened herself out, and pulled back her hair, and Remy almost died.

He blinked not sure how the hell this was happening, but the woman from his dreams, the woman whose body he knew so damn well was standing right in front of him, and boy was she better than the dream one. Tight stomach peaking from under her cut off band shit, ample high breasts, tiny waist, hips just right to hold onto , long shapely legs encased in ultra low hip huggers… his cock was growing hard just looking at her. Her lips and eyes caught him and he bit back a groan of need as he tried to gain composure. She was exactly like his dream, what the fuck was going on here?

His composure back in place he smirked. “You don’t live here, what exactly are you doing here? Picking someone up? Delivering something? No, that’s not it, you’re not dressed in any manner to be delivering anything, except maybe a…” he trailed off. The fact that he was about to end the sentence with ‘except maybe a wet dream’ did not escape him. Seeing his dream girl in the flesh, in front of him, well none of his thoughts were G rated, not even PG rated.

The woman raised an eyebrow. “Don’t live here? Gee, well that’s a nice attitude... I'm new, I just got here. Didn’t anybody mention it?”

He shook his head. “Sorry, I didn’t hear from the Archon that we were getting a new arrival, of course that could be cuz I missed the house meeting... Where the fuck are my manners? I’m Remy Crane.” He extended his shaky hand to her. The nest as it stood was twenty people, including the Archon, himself, the other four single snakes still searching, two sets of couples and the remaining ten were the couples’ children, respectively, though the crèche as a whole took responsibility for raising the young. Now they were at twenty-one with this ravishing creature joining them. Well twenty-one has always been my lucky number.

She took his hand, "Chrissy Stanford. It’s nice too meet you, even if I didn't quite enjoy the trip to the floor." She smiled at him.

"I’m sorry; I’m not used to meeting up with anyone this early in the day. My mind was elsewhere."

"Obviously. So you missed a meeting? I didn't think that was allowed in such a big nest."

"Elise runs a very informal household. While we all belong to the nest, we all have our own lives. Each of us has things we do, even her, so she is really lax about that stuff." Not to mention I’m not the first one they tell anything to, but why bring that up to her?

She smiled nodding. "So, I don’t suppose there’s a hope in hell that you know where she's going to put me? All my things are kinda at the door and it's gonna take a few trips as it is. I’d like to get it all away as soon as..."

He smiled. "Odds are you’ll go on the second floor. Most of the rug rats are on the first floor, the second and third reserved for the adults." he shook his head. "God I’m an asshole. Let me help, cool? Kinda like making up for the ass plant."

"Sure thing, that was my next question anyway. So, what do you do, Remy? That is when you’re not knocking people over." She grinned teasingly at him.

Interested? Well lemme know what you think! Beyond the Vision of Dreams will be out April 20th 2009.


Anna said...

I got both Weresnake stories when they were selling on fictionwise. I really enjoyed both stories. Very different and unique. I'm looking forward to more stories in this series. :)

Stella Price said...

Oh thanks Anna!

A gift of Daybreak, the third in this novella series will be out in August. its about Andy, and a non venomous snake named Fajer (Fayer) which means daybreak in Arabic.

I hope you'll try it out as well!