Monday, January 05, 2009

Day one of the 2 month work week

Ok its not a work week...

But well, Audra and I have 8 weeks for writing ahead of us to put a dent into out WIP list. Why 8 weeks? becuase Audra's hubby is away for 2 months for work. So we have decided to try and get atleast 4 books out of the way, but we are going to try for 6.

What 6?

Masquerade, Of Crimson and Collars, A Gift of Daybreak, Darkness, yet untitled Satyrs Book, and Tithe.

Of Crimson and Collars is a Revise and Resubmit, and has one scene left till its done. I'm confident that we will be getting it finished this week and edited down to send back in. Heres hoping we get it done.

Masquerade is needing at least another 35-40k. We will be finishing this, no doubt, though I cant say if it will be this month, or next.

A Gift of Daybreak is the third in our Snake novella's. We are thinking its going to end up being around 30k, and Im hoping that we get the book finished by the end of Feb.

Darkness, our new Agent book, Needs 5 more scenes and an epilogue. Im content that it will be completey finished and ready to pitch by April.

The yet as untitled Satyr book, book 2, needs to end up being atleast 20k before the end of the 2 months.

Tithe is our short story about a fallen and a regular angel. Its a romance, but its not a HEA, and its been hard to write because we keep crying. its sad to say the least. So Im hoping we get to it but Im not holding my breath. We shall see.

So I have already worked on Masquerade today, done about 1k and Im back to work now to get another 1k done before Aud gets online. Heres hoping.

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