Friday, January 16, 2009

Reconnection and sweaters.

So yesterday was no writing day. Why? because Audra and I spent the day on the phone and then the evening on video Skype. It was more fun then I have had for a long time. Every once in a while, we need to do that, just chat till we don't understand each other, and drink a bottle or two of wine. It was a good time, and it felt good to reconnect with Audra, to remember why it is we love each other, why we dont fight about our books and why we adore the characters that live with us.

FYI: the snake in the sweater conversation still has not been resolved.

So today is a no writing day either. Its Battlestar Galactica Day. So im doing some promo work, and watching BSG marathon on SciFi and then Ill have dinner brought from Pizza Hut and enjoy my night.

I have great hope that next week we will put a mega dent in the WIP, and hopefully finish up some work that has been dangling. Ah. I love 2009.


Suzette said...

Did you hear Katie McCallister is going to be writing a steampunk novel? I thought of you since you make steampunk jewelry.

Stella Price said...

good for her. I hope it works out for her. Lot of detail and such in that, and a lot of preparation. Just jumping into that genre isnt easy. I hope it works for her.