Friday, January 23, 2009

Mushy brain... but with good reason

I feel good.

Audra and I write 12k yesterday, and put a major dent in the second Satyr story. It was good, but now I need to go back in and bulk up, and get the next part ready for next week since we don't write on the weekends. I'm glad we got so much done, though the book isn't on deadline, we have in fact thought up the rest of the series, and what happens after Olanis. Yes, its going to be good. With the first book out for submissions, Im glad we are a bit further then halfway done with the second book.

And we have to really get on the third snake novella because its due in April. We have some done, but it needs a bigger dent to feel like we are back on track. But both books are going well, and we are meeting some new characters and falling back in love with old ones. It feels good to be in this again.

Ooh and we just finished perusing our galley for London for the Holidays. It will be in print soon. Very excited. It will be good to have something new out. So im back to bulking and some promo and cover work. have a good weekend everyone.

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