Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Damn it. the world went white again.

Damn snow. Makes my life complicated. But not as complicated as Audra, who is trying to complete;y defrost her freezer. Shes got more ice in that thing then there should be, and swears shes chipping away at ice older then her. Yes. Life for Audra is always an adventure.

So with the snow completely dashing any hopes I have of getting out of the house, I plan on working on some new promo design for RT, and some work on the worksheets and such for my workshops. Ooh and some new jewelry. I have some new stuff I still have to list at Stella by Starlight, and Im waiting on some components for my personal RT jewelry.

So today is a bit of work on Moongardens, the long awaited 3rd book in our dragon elementals series. Our Hero is in a Snit because he feels hes waited long enough to get his shit going on. I agree. Spiria has been really interested to meet her guy, so today is going to be a lot of this. Lets hope we get a lot done.

So im off to make some jewelry and wait on Audra. Have a good snow day!


Isabelle Santiago said...

Yea, the snow tends to sort of slow everything down. I don't mind it so much. I had a lot of cleaning that had to be done at home. But tomorrow I have plans so it better clear up by then. :-P

Unknown said...

Ack, I'm not liking the slow. Have fun today! Hugs!