Saturday, January 31, 2009

January is OVER.

And it was sorta productive. Month's count of words: 34,400. Not bad, but it could have been WAY better. We got a LOT done on a few books, and have learned a lot more about the characters we are now working with. I'm hopeful we can double our output for Feb, even though Audra's 25th Birthday is in Feb and Valentines day and all.

did a LOT of promo designs and ordering today. I ordered our pin (button design). Check it:
Pretty? I think so. Yes, if your at RT this year, I will be giving these out along with new DEMONSTYLE stickers. I cant wait. LOL.

So Im out. I have some work to do tonite and Need to get ready for tomorrow. What do you guys think of the button? Ill give you guys some more info about what we are doing at RT soon... I dont wanna ruin the surprise! OOh and all the special goodies too!



Selena Illyria said...

Oooh! I wanna do it demonstyle...erm,I mean verrrry pretty! Me likey!:-p

Suzette said...

LOL Love it!