Monday, February 02, 2009

Lots and Lots

Of stuff to do this week before the big hunkin signing and the Comic Con! And you know what? Im not even caring. Im futzing about doing stuff that could wait, and not doing what I need to be. No this isnt procrastination, this is me interested in what i WANT to do not what NEEDS doing. Le Sigh.

So I made some new jewelry, two neclaces, one pendant charm and a pretty sweet steampunk ring. Im going to take pictures of them in a little while and then post them on the ETSY shop. Im just a bit behind.

Also, last month we only did a little over 34k, and Im aiming for 50 this month. So, Im pushing to write atleast 500 words a day this month, but with the month so short, Im hoping it ends up as such. Audra and I are hip deep in three books, and we need to get them finished ASAP.

And Saturday is the signing! Finally! I have had this set up for months now and the freaking awesome lineup of authors attending this has really made me more excited for the event. I need to make cupcakes, and brownies, and get some sparkling cider and juice, but I really cant wait regardless of all the crap i have to do.

OOh and today started my new excersize regime. Yes, Im looking to loose 10 lbs for RT. I think I can do it.

So its back to writing, and taking pictures. Im hoping audra and I can hit 1k today.

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Suzette said...

Good luck at the signing!