Saturday, February 07, 2009

So tired.

Im so damn tired I could probably sleep a week. But thats not going to happen. The signing went well, we had a great time and meat some fantastic new readers and friends. Im hoping that everyone had a good time. But the drive back was hellish and my body is tired from me tottering about on 4 inch heels. So not my thing.

Tomorrow is ComiCon, and Im excited as hell. But my ass has to get up at 630 AM to make sure im all set to go at 815. YEAH. So Im going to bed, cuz I need it. Ill have pictures form Comicon I think, I forgot my camera in all the hubbub this morning. I know some of the other girls did get piccys so they will be soon.

So Im done. Stick a fork in me, just dont wake my ass up till 630.


Suzette said...

hope it went well!

Diana Castilleja said...

Have a great time!

Four inches huh? I stop at three. Just can't do it anymore. ;) Although I'm sure it had great comic value to watch. ;)

Debby said...

It was so nice to meet you. Thank you for everything. I am in reading heaven. I love my goodies.