Friday, February 13, 2009

Covers, voting, and surgery

Yes... Its been a rough couple of days since my last post. I'm sitting here watching Dollhouse, which is interesting to say the least and I'm tired as hell. My poor moo is very ill, needs an operation, and is miserable. Hes been sleeping a lot, which might not be good, but at least hes not scratching his head and turning my condo into grind house with blood everywhere. Its been a crappy day and last night was horrible. Hes got his surgery on Thursday but I'm going to call tomorrow and get it earlier. My poor Moo.

So You guys can guess why Im just not very excited today, and if you cant sense my lethargy, then I am doing a good job of hiding it. Im so tired but I have to stay awake to watch BSG. But I figured I would mention a few things. First, The Fantasms are up and around once again... and we are up for THREE this year! Please pop by and show your support for us and vote for Frost and Flame in the Best Demonic Novel Category, Deep Water in the Best Shifter Non-Wolf category, and Hot Rio Nights in the Best Paranormal Romance Story. Please Please Please, we really wanna win these this year. We won the Best Shifter Non- wolf a few years back... and we would love to win the Best Demonic too! And Please vote for our friends Bianca D'Arc, Larissa Ione, Ashleigh Raine and Tilly Greene too!

Last but not least, we got our cover for the first in the Snake Novella series, Beyond the Vision of Dreams. Its sexy... And I hope you guys like it and are inticed to pick it up after seeing it.
Ok well thats it. Im off to watch BSG and snuggle with my moo. Have a goof Valentines day everyone... Ooh and for the Eververse readers, Arcady and Snow just had a cute V day short put out on ARe. And its priced nice at 99 cents. Pick it up and see how the hottie Incubus and his frosty lady is doing this V day! Night.


Nonny said...

That's a gorgeous cover!!

Who's putting out the Snake books again? I can't remember. :(

Stella Price said...

Hey Nonny! Thank you! The Novella's will be out with TEB starting April 20th!