Thursday, January 22, 2009

it is interesting...

Thank you to all of you that commented and subscribed to the blog. I'm not very surprised that you all feel the same as me about this insanity, and that I haven't been doing things wrong by not writing every minute of every day out on this page for the world to see. Nothing I have done in the past 4 months is that interesting.

And thank you severely for commenting in general. Sometimes I really do feel like Im just posting things here for my health, mental health that is. See I do believe you need to blog, that its healthy, and is a natural outlet for writers especially, but I do believe in too much therapy. Sometimes it can hurt you as much as it helps you.

At least I know we are still on the right track. Now to take that next step.

But thats for later, when I actually do it. If you are available tonite, we(myself and the other Pantheon authors) will be at TRS at 9pm est for a live chat and will be giving away copies of the Pantheon stories in e book. Its a great little antho and I hope you will attend.

Ooh and for those of you in CT: the Feb 7th signing is still on! Borders has been awesome with helping us set this up, and know its going to be a freaking amazing signing, 15 authors and snacks and drinks and lots of gifts and prizes. If you live close enough, come and hangout, we are raffling off 15 gift baskets from 15 different authors!

But for now, Im off to write. Audra and I have to get another 5k done today, at minimum, and put a major dent in these MS's!

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