Tuesday, September 15, 2009

AAD fun and games

So aud and I are doing a hour long mini event to thank our fans! We will be playing games, giving away goodies and special prizes. We will be playing the 6 degrees of Cassiel, much like the 6 degrees of kevin bacon, but much cooler as Kevin bacon scares the hell outta me and Aud. Dont ask.

Also,we are going to do a really cool little set up where you, the reader can figure out the songs that go with the right characters. So you will have till the day of the event to figure this out so get out there and get to know some good music! Here's the songs list:

Letters to you- Finch

All my Life- Foo Fighters

Black Betty- Ram Jam

Hard to Handle- Black Crows

Whats your Fantasy- Ludakris

When One 8 becomes 2 Zeroes- GlassJaw

She talks to Angels- Black Crows

Personal Jesus- Depeche Mode

No one needs to know- Ozma

Three Libras- A Perfect Circle

Violet- Hole

I fought the Law- The Clash

Worked up so sexual- The Faint

Tear you Apart- She Wants Revenge

Just like Heaven- The Cure

So Alive- Love and Rockets

Without You- Motley Crue

The characters? Astrid, Faris, Char, Cash, Fallon, Feyd,Arcady, Drake, Oscar, Ashlyn, Sam, Mal, Alcyone, Jane, Marsh, Uriel, and Snow.

Sorry everyone thats not coming to AAD. this is just for the AAD people. (Now dont you wish you were coming?)

And we will show you guys the big prizes for these games at the event!

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